AC generator and transformer

A generator is mechanical equipment whose main work is to convert the mechanical form of energy into electrical energy and it also finds application in agriculture and industrial production and somehow production of a generator is highly based on the law of electromagnetic force. On the contrary, the transformer is passive to pass electricity between two or more circuits and it is the transformer’s work to transfer electricity between two coils without having a metallic connection between the two circuits. An increase and decrease in the voltages of current are done by transformer only in electrical appliances or power applications. The range of a transformer is in size from RF which is less than a cubic centimeter in volume whereas in generators reverse process is completed by an electrical motor.

What are the principles of generator as well as transformer?

A generator consist of a rectangular coil consisting of copper wire wound over an iron core and this coil is commonly known as an armature. This armature is then connected to two slip rings which is used to provide movable contact and then the current passes with load resistance which is connected across the slip rings. But the case with transformer is different there are different types of transformers which are particular in their functioning, for example, we can take ideal transformer which is nothing but a theoretical linear transformer which is perfectly and loosely coupled and in this perfect coupling is implied by high core magnetic permeability and zero net magnetomotive force. Another example of the transformer includes a real transformer this includes some laws of Faraday’s and includes some functioning of eddy current. If the ideal transformer is taken into consideration than it is assumed that all the flux is generated by the primary winding links whereas some flux transverse the path and it takes them out of the winding.

What can be the possible advantage of generator and applications of transformer?

Firstly the advantages of AC generator is that the time spent on maintenance is very less or it is easy to maintain its size is small and there are a minimal amount of losses and it uses relatively small breakers. On the other hand, the transformer allows high voltage to flow very smoothly and without any fluctuation and it allows to plant big machinery at an economic rate. These are some of the few applications and advantages of generators and transformers which include the economic way to be independent.


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