Antioxidants are basically chemical agents that stop the oxidation of any substances. We know, that due to oxidation a lot of food and other materials gets wasted. The oxidation process triggers a series of chemical reactions, which in turn damages the product in which the oxidation takes place. Thus, by stopping this oxidation process in the materials the antioxidant saves the material and further increases its life. Some of the famous antioxidants are thiols and ascorbic acid. The plants also use the concept of the reaction of oxidants and antioxidants for keeping their oxidation state more stable in nature.

Antioxidants are majorly being used in the making of supplementary products, that are used for the prevention of disastrous diseases like cancer and also cardiac arrests. Antioxidants are also used in the industrial sector and in the manufacturing section of the labs where there is a need for controlled reaction. As controlled type of conditions could be easily achieved by the antioxidants. The antioxidants are also used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacturing of cosmetic and makeup products. Moreover, in the food processing sectors antioxidants are used on a large scale for the preservation of the food.

The antioxidants have been claimed to reduce the side effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, the antioxidant can add up to the enhancement of the fructose which is widely used to increase the taste of substances. The antioxidants have helping effects on human beings. As human being is himself a complex system there are a number of free radicals in our body. These radicals are formed due to the oxidation processes occurred in the body. These free radicals if left untreated could easily make someone ill and could be also fatal. Thus, by suppressing the effect of the antioxidants on the free radicals our system remains stable and we remain healthy. Different body parts of the humans are benefited by a number of antioxidants. The beta carotene antioxidant Is quite good for our eye. Similarly, for prostate lycopene is very helpful. We should definitely intake more amount of antioxidants in our daily food. This is because our body can not sufficiently produce all the antioxidants.

There are several food items that have rich supplies of antioxidants. Some of them are as follow:

Wild blueberries, kidney beans, dark chocolate, rate hikes, elderberries, cloves, cinnamon, oregano, cumin, parsley, ginger, turmeric, thymes, goji berries and many more.


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