Audit of hotel

The hotel business is one of the most leading businesses and contributing an abundance of employees and job opportunities. There are so many facilities provided by the hotel to its customers nowadays as they generate their income by rent hotel rooms, laundry, swimming pools, restaurants and marriage halls and many more areas for any particular occasion. In modern times hotels are approaching supermarkets to showcase some of their products so that it will attract the public to the temporary resident of that hotel these all factors are to promote their place along with the goodwill of some other products which stand in the market at the high place.

Auditing for hotels.

Auditing a hotel is not that easy job to do as it takes many laws to be remembered and to be applied at the time of the audit. For auditing a hotel it is important for the auditor to go through some laws which consist of a luxury tax act which is a state tax and levy on room rent for luxury provided, just like this but it is a central tax which is known as service tax levies on restaurants, dry cleaning services, and banquet halls and many more to that list. The value-added tax is again a state tax levy on food and other goods. Then there is a central excise act which levy on pastries and cakes. If a hotel is allowed for a bar then it has to access state excise act which levy on liquor or service of liquor. An auditor should take care of the employees of the hotel by keeping the line on contract labor regulation or abolish act which levy on employing contact labor.

How revenues from a room rented and food and services treated by the auditor?

An auditor is a bind to read all the laws and restrictions related to the room rent and also with the food services. For hotel or room rent it is said that one of the main revenue is room rent and thus its billing done thought accounting software and these rooms are charged with fixed tariffs for every single room but discounts may be offered to customers which depends on factors like season, holidays and other things can be included. If food is taken into consideration then there are two types of sale one is of resident customer and second is walk in customer.


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