Bandwidth of transmission

In a continuous band of frequency if any difference occurs between upper and lower frequencies then this is known as bandwidth and measure in hertz, Whereas the transmission is a medium of a material substance consisting of solid, liquid and gas that can propagate energy waves. It can be understood by an example of the sound that travels by the medium of air usually but also solid and liquid acts as a medium of transmission for sound. If there is a vacuum is adjusted which usually means no medium for the transmission of electromagnetic waves like light and radio waves on the other hand substance is really not required for the electromagnetic waves which use to propagate such waves which are usually affected by the transmission media they pass through the absorption and by reflection at the interfaces between medium. Transmission can be classified as a linear medium as if different waves at a particular point.

What are the types of transmission?

The medium of transmission also consists of the uniform medium, bounded medium and isotropic medium. Also, a transmission may be simplex, full-duplex or half-duplex. In simplex transmission signals are transmitted only in one direction where one station is the receiver and another station is the transmitter, full-duplex operation where both stations may transmit simultaneously and half-duplex operation consists both stations as a transmitter but only one at a time but in other cases, the medium is carrying signal in both directions at the same time. Although there are two parts of the transmission one is guided and other is unguided. Guided media consist of unshielded twisted pair (UTP), shielded twisted pair, coaxial cable, and optical fiber. Unguided media is data signals that flow through the air and it consists of radio transmission and microwaves. These are the types of transmission which are well placed and equated in an appropriate manner.

What is shielded twisted pair?

These are the most appropriate pairs of cable which have an electronically conductive barrier to attenuate electromagnetic waves that are external to the shield and also provide a conduction path by which induced current which can be circulated and also returned to the source via ground reference connection. These shielding can be applied to individual pairs or quads which also consist the collection of pairs as these shields are made of metals and it may also serve as a path to the ground and the purpose of the drain wire is for easy connection of the screens to the terminal connected with usually round wires.


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