Calorific Value of Fats

Fats are one of the main fuels for metabolism. Normally, in the individuals, about 15% of the body weight is composed of the fats, whereas in the women the average weight of body fats is 25%. Typically, the fats provide 9 Cal per gram of the food. Although the fat has been blamed for creating the various health disorders, in actual it is essential for maintaining the normal health and functioning of the body. Fats provide more than twice calories per gram than the proteins and the carbohydrates. The fatty foods such as potato chips, sausages, and bacon provide high calories, with few minerals, and vitamins. But the saturated and trans fats can raise the level of bad fats such as cholesterol levels in the blood.

How Many Fats are Recommended?

The diets having moderate fat contents are important for maintaining body weight and health and for the prevention of heart strokes and the diseases by providing essential and adequate nutrients. According to the institute of the medicine and the American Heart Association, the recommended level of fat intake should be 25-35% of the total calories.

How Calorific Value of Fats is Accessed for Body Use

Fat is the main source for the long duration and intensive workouts. Even during the high-intensity exercises when the carbohydrates are the main fuel sources the fat is needed for accessing the stored carbohydrates (glycogen). Among other micronutrients, the digestion of the fats is most slow, but they are most efficient for supplying energy. Fats are broken down to glycerol and fatty acids in the intestine. Here the lipases enzymes work for breaking the fats and they are activated by the various hormones such as the epinephrine, growth hormone, and glucagon.

Balance and Quality of Fats is Essential for Health

The chains of fatty acids are converted to the energy by the process of beta-oxidation. The fats which are not used are stored in the under the skin, in the abdomen, other organs, and even in the blood vessels. When it comes to energy and the calorific value, one should adhere to the two main principles such as balance and quality. So, while taking the foodstuff, make sure that you are getting the adequate and recommended amount of the fats. Generally, for the majority of the people, a diet of about 1500-2000 calories per day is sufficient to maintain the healthy and normal function of the body.

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