Carbon resistors

A resistor is a passive of two-terminal electrical components that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element and this electronic circuits carbon resistors which are used to reduce the current flow, divide voltages, adjust the signal level and terminate transmission lines. Some of the fixed resistors have a resistance that only changes with a slight change in the temperature, time and operating voltage. In electrical networks, restore are common elements mainly in electronic circuits which are ubiquitous in electronic equipment. These resistors are rated according to their maximum power dissipation and discrete resistors in solid-state are rated typically and these resistors absorb much less than a watt of electrical power as well as require less attention to their power rating. We can state that the carbon resistor is a type of fixed resistor that restricts or reduce the electric current flow to a certain level.

What is the color code for the carbon resistors and the temperature dependence of resistance?

Though it is physics color play an important part in the carbon resistors as colored bands are used to identify a resistor resistivity and its percentage tolerance. These resistances have their uses in both electrical and electronic circuits to control the flow of current or to produce a voltage drop in many different ways. To overcome some problems relates to the resistors which are not colored and become a discussion of confusion small resistors use colored painted bands to indicate their sensitive value and tolerance or the physical size of the resistor indicating its waiting rates. These color are useful to remember the resistor and to choose the right part of the resistor. Somehow temperature also plays a very important role in the carbon resistor and thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance is dependent on the temperature and the temperature coefficient indicates how temperature changes can affect the resistor value or this can may be positive or negative also.

Is there any system to connect the resistors?

Resistors can be connected by unlimited numbers of series and parallel combinations so as to form complex resistive circuits. Resistor combination are those resistor circuits that combine series and parallel resistor networks together and they are also known as mixed resistor circuits. These can be calculated by easy ways as the first step is to identify the simple series and parallel resistor branches after that replace them with equivalent resistors.


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