Example of Pic Puzzle Game

One example of a picture puzzle game is the “Jigsaw Puzzle” game. In this game, an image is divided into multiple small pieces of various shapes, and the player needs to drag and drop them into the correct positions to form the complete picture. Another example is the “Spot the Difference” game, where two images … Read more

Puzzle Game in Java

Sure, I can help you create a puzzle game in Java. Here’s an example of a simple puzzle game that you can use as a starting point: import java.util.*; public class PuzzleGame { private int[][] board; private int size; private int emptyRow; private int emptyCol; private static final int EMPTY = 0; public PuzzleGame(int size) … Read more

Difference between Materialized View and View

Both materialized views and views are database objects that provide a virtual representation of data stored in one or more tables. However, there are some key differences between them: Materialized views store the query result set in the database, while views only store the query definition. Materialized views are precomputed and stored in the database, … Read more

How to create a DataFrames in Python

To create a DataFrame in Python, you first need to import the pandas library, which provides the DataFrame class. Here’s a basic example of how to create a DataFrame: import pandas as pd # create a dictionary of data data = {‘name’: [‘Alice’, ‘Bob’, ‘Charlie’, ‘Dave’], ‘age’: [25, 32, 18, 47], ‘gender’: [‘F’, ‘M’, ‘M’, … Read more

Splunk Environment

Splunk is a widely-used platform for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data from various sources. It is highly scalable and flexible, making it a popular choice for organizations of all sizes. In this article, we will discuss how to install Splunk on both Linux and Windows platforms. Installing Splunk on Linux Platform To install Splunk on … Read more

Splunk Tutorial: An Introduction to Splunk

Splunk is a leading software platform that is used for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data. With Splunk, users can easily gain insights into their data, and quickly troubleshoot issues to improve performance and reduce downtime. In this tutorial, we will provide an overview of Splunk, its features, versions, and prerequisites. Splunk Versions Splunk offers … Read more

Create strapi app

npx create-strapi-app my-app –quickstart yarn create strapi-app my-project –quickstart