Yarn 2 upgrade all packages

You have to install the interactive-tools plugin first. $ yarn plugin import interactive-tools $ yarn upgrade-interactive Press / to select packages. Press to install. Press / to select versions. Press to abort. Other Option: If U Want To Use The Old Command (yarn outdated) install this plugin $ yarn plugin import https://github.com/mskelton/yarn-plugin-outdated/raw/main/bundles/@yarnpkg/plugin-outdated.js $ yarn outdated

NPM save as dev dependency

Install as devDependency npm install –save-dev Install as normal dependency npm install –save Install all devDependencies listed in package.json npm install –only=dev Install all normal dependencies listed in package.json npm install –only=prod Or if NODE_ENV is set to production npm install

Magento shell reindex

php -f shell/indexer.php reindexall php shell/indexer.php –reindex catalog_product_attribute php shell/indexer.php –reindex catalog_product_price php shell/indexer.php –reindex catalog_url php shell/indexer.php –reindex catalog_product_flat php shell/indexer.php –reindex catalog_category_flat php shell/indexer.php –reindex catalog_category_product php shell/indexer.php –reindex catalogsearch_fulltext php shell/indexer.php –reindex cataloginventory_stock php shell/indexer.php –reindex tag_summary