Davidson and Germer experiment

This experiment is done by two scientists in which electrons are scattered by the surface of a crystal made of nickel metal and later it displayed diffraction patterns. This experiment of them also gives a green signal to the experiment done by de Broglie mentioning of wave-particle duality and which later become the millstone in the world of physics like quantum mechanics. One of the most important points is that the wave-like nature of the matter can be investigated by scattering of electrons on crystalline solids and this is the same just as the wave-like nature of X rays which are an experiment on the crystalline solids as well. It was said that both of them are non-negotiable with the projects with de Broglie but later they themselves discover that the equation made by Broglie is relatable and can give a boost to the growth of physics brand and agreed to work in the same direction on their own.

What are the breakthrough points?

First breakthrough they got when they learned about the recent advances of quantum mechanics that includes a lecture about diffraction curves and learn why he was not succeeding in any of his experiments because he was unable to generate low vacuum enough so that it can detect low-intensity beams needed. Another breakthrough is when he applied voltage to the electron gun in which the maximum intensity of the electrons we’re diffracted by the atomic surface which can be found at any solid place. There the first experiment with the distracting electrons was the main and important breakthrough which gave them hope to do more experiments in which they sometimes succeeded and sometimes they fail but they never gave up their hope to discover this new era and also they help de Broglie to be accepted in the world of quantum mechanics.

What can be concluded by this theory?

By all the experiments they did and all the patience they gone through at last it was concluded that matter also has a wave-like behavior and it was suggested that the electrons possess the nature of a wave which they have been trying to prove in all their experiments and lastly they make it happen and make changes and big changes happen in the world of physics which gave them recognition and help world to learn new concept and the valid one’s which can be applicable.


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