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Do you know how to delete any post in WordPress? Here is the solution, how to delete a post in WordPress as well as the bulk of post at the same time. It is not necessary to keep junk contents in your WordPress site. It will only grow your side negatively, so it is good to remove junk contents. Always keep your site fresh, accurate, and up to date. In this article, there are mainly two types of post deleting methods, one of them is deletion of the single post, and another is deleting the bulk of WordPress post at a time.

How to delete a single WordPress post?
All the steps are given along with pictures for references.

  1. Initially, click on Posts in the left panel of WordPress and then click on All Post.
  1. Now, hover your mouse cursor over the post title, you want to delete. As you hover your mouse cursor over the post name, some options come to appear. Click on the Trash for deleting your post. You may take help of screenshot which is attached below.
  1. You can also confirm from the screenshot given below if the post is deleted.

How to delete the bulk of content at a time?
There are two methods to delete WordPress posts at a time.
Method 1. Bulk Delete WordPress Posts without Plugin

This method uses an in-built functionality of WordPress to delete the bulk of contents. If you want to delete the bulk of WordPress post, this method is recommended for you.

  1. At first, click on Post and then click on All posts. From here you can click on the bulk select box on top to pick all posts displayed on the page.

    If you do not want to delete all at once, you can select by checking, and unchecking the checkbox. If you do not want to delete all at once, you can select by checking, and unchecking the checkbox. Otherwise, click on the bulk option and select move to trash option from drop down.
  1. Now, click on Apply button to delete the bulk contents which are selected.
    Using this default way, you can only select 20 contents at a time. If You want to delete more than this limit, you can use the following method.

    Just click on the Screen Options button at the top right corner of the screen. This will bring a pull-down menu where you want to change the Number of items per page to any number you want. Now put the number as you wish.

    Next, click on the Apply button and WordPress will display the number of articles you selected earlier.

    Bulk Delete Posts by Particular Author or Category
    If you need to delete articles of any category then you can follow this method. Just click on the author, category, or tag links to display posts associated with them.

    For example, clicking on the News category will show you the listing of articles filed under that News category. You can then select the posts and move them to trash by using the Bulk Options menu.

Method 2: Bulk Delete WordPress Posts using a Plugin
The default bulk delete options are quite sufficient for most users. However, there are some cases where you may need extra choices to quickly pick specific Article and then bulk delete them. Follow given steps to delete WordPress posts using a Plugin

  1. Initially, you have to install and activate the Bulk Delete plugin.
  1. Upon activation, go to Bulk WP then click on Bulk Delete Posts page in your WordPress admin area to delete articles. The plugin offers multiple methods to filter and select posts that you need to delete.

    You can sort articles by duration, select posts published in last x days, remove them directly without sending to trash, and even list to delete later.
    As you go down further in the settings page, you will get more options to choose and remove posts by categories, custom taxonomies, custom post types, and more.

    The Bulk Delete can also be utilized to bulk delete comments, pages, users, and custom fields.
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