Disorder related to respiration asthma

Asthma is the most common respiratory disease which happens due to airways of the lungs. It is a long term disease as once happen cannot be cured. Wheezing, chest tightness, short breathing, and coughing are symptoms of asthma. This disease grows day by day as it starts with a short breathing and then it may take place two or three times a week or if the situation worsens it may happen two or three times a day. Especially when one is doing physical things like running or exercising it may take place.

Causes of asthma

Asthma is caused by two factors one is genetic or second is environmental factors. Other than these factors potential causes can be aspirin and beta-blockers. There is no cure for asthma but it can be prevented by just taking safety measure and make sure to be away from allergies and irritants. There is an inhaler which can be used to prevent or to get relaxed by the attacks immediately but if the situation worsens one should get hospitalized.

Environmental factors which affect drastically.

In a disease like asthma environmental factors are very much included in the happening of this disease and to make asthma patient’s situation worse. Air pollution is the main factor in the cause of asthma also smoking during and after delivery also shows a high rate of asthma. High ozone levels and low air quality which create air pollution which is getting heated up by traffic is also a particular reason for this disease. These are only the outdoor factors but there are severe indoor factors also which create allergies and irritants causing asthma. Indoor allergies like dust mites, cockroaches, moles and animal dander as in fragments of a feather are the initial reasons for being allergic to things and rashes on the body.

What are the medical conditions for asthma?

People who have hay fever or eczema have a greater chance to have asthma. Recently it is noticed that obesity and asthma go hand in hand. Several factors have given doctors the reason to believe that living in houses may bring asthma and obesity together which is a worse situation for any patient having either of these diseases. Those who are susceptible that they have asthma can be triggered by the medication of beta-blockers such as propranolol. Some medications can cause a problem to the asthma patients, like angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors.

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