Electromagnetic spectrum

The whole distribution of electromagnetic radiation is according to the frequency and wavelength although all electromagnetic spectrum or waves travel at the speed of light mainly in the vacuum they do this at a wide range of frequency, wavelength or photon energies. This spectrum comprises all electromagnetic radiation which also includes subranges which are known as portions and there are no precise boundaries between these contiguous portions so these ranges get overlapped. The whole electromagnetic spectrum from lowest to the highest of its frequency includes radio waves like commercial radio, television, light, ultraviolet rays, X rays and also infrared radiation and all of these radiations can be used as spectroscopy. When portions are concerned every portion has a different name depending on the transmission, absorption, and emission of the corresponding waves which also includes the practical applications of the equations.

What are electromagnetic waves in our life?

As we know the electromagnetic spectrum is a diagram showing the electromagnetic waves these are those waves that can travel through the emptiness of space just at the speed of light. There are mainly seven types of electromagnetic waves that have much more important in human life those are radio waves, infrared waves, microwaves, visible light waves, ultraviolet rays, and gamma rays. Electromagnetic waves play a very important role in a human being’s life as whatever color, sound and tangible things we see, touch or hear are because these rays and these rays are really important for most of the animals to survive in this world. As we take example of day to day life we are surrounded by these waves and rays every whereas if want to see television we use remote control which has this ray which makes television go on, if we want to listen to radio these frequencies work with that, want to reheat food we use microwaves which are convenient and simplest form to defeat the food.

What are visible light waves, infrared and ultraviolet rays?

Infrared rays are also recognized by the mane of heatwaves and these are mostly absorbed by the water molecules present in almost every material and in many physical therapies infrared rays are used to cure the diseases or to find the disease. The most familiar form of the electromagnetic wave is visible light waves and most importantly it is that part of the spectrum which can be easily seen by human eyes, whereas ultraviolet ray may have a harmful effect on the human body.


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