Features of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Features

Some of the unique yet important features of PostgreSQL are listed below.

  • Runs on all major operating systems including Linux, UNIX and Windows.
  • Supports text, images, sounds, and video.
  • Includes programming interfaces for C / C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).
  • Supports many features of SQL including some advanced features.
  • A table in PostgreSQL can be set to inherit their characteristics from a “parent” table.
  • To add additional functionality to PostgreSQL several extensions can be installed.


PostgreSQL Tools:

There are several tools available as front-end to PostgreSQL. Some of these tools are open sources while others are Paid tools Some of these tools are:

psql ●      Command line tool.

●      Primary tool to manage PostgreSQL.

pgAdmin ●      Free and open source graphical user interface administration tool for PostgreSQL.
phpPgAdmin ●      Web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL written in PHP. Based on phpMyAdmin tool.

●      Manages MySQL.OpenOffice.org Base.

●      Can be used as a front end tool to PostgreSQL.

pgFouine ●      Log analyzer.

●      Creates reports from PostgreSQL log files.


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