angularjs filter tutorial

AngularJS filters:

AngularJS filters are used to format the data. AngularJS filters can be added to expressions and directives using pipe character |.


{{ expression | filter }}

In case of multiple filters:

{{ expression | filter1 | filter2 }}

Commonly used AngularJS filters:

Currency: It is used to format a number to a currency format.
Date: It is used to format a date to a specified format.
Filter: It is used to select a subset of items from an array.
Json: It is used to format an object to a JSON string.
limitTo: It is used to limits an array or string, into a specified number of elements or characters.
Lowercase: It is used to format a string to lower case.
Number: It is used to format a number to a string.
orderBy: It is used to orders an array by an expression.
Uppercase: It is used to format a string to upper case.


    <title>AngularJS Filters Example</title>
    <script src = 
      <h2>AngularJS Filters Example</h2>
      <div ng-app = "testApp" ng-controller = "appController">
         <table border = "0">
               <td>Enter first name:</td>
               <td><input type="text" ng-model="student.firstName"/>
               <td>Enter last name: </td>
               <td><input type="text" ng-model="student.lastName"/>
               <td>Enter fees: </td>
               <td><input type="text" ng-model="student.fees"/>
               <td>Enter subject: </td>
               <td><input type="text" ng-model="subjectName"/>
               <td>Name in Upper Case: </td>
               <td>{{student.fullName() | uppercase}}</td>
               <td>Name in Lower Case: </td>
               <td>{{student.fullName() | lowercase}}</td>
               <td>fees: </td><td>{{student.fees | currency}}
                     <li ng-repeat = "subject in student.subjects 
                               | filter: subjectName |orderBy:'marks'">
                        {{ + ', marks:' + subject.marks }}
         var mainApp = angular.module("testApp", []);
         mainApp.controller('appController', function($scope) {
            $scope.student = {
               firstName: "Nidhi",
               lastName: "Gupta",
                  {name:'Data Structure',marks:80},
               fullName: function() {
                  var studentObject;
                  studentObject = $scope.student;
                  return studentObject.firstName + " " 
                               + studentObject.lastName;

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