Java reflection get implemented interfaces

Following two methods are used to get the implemented interfaces in java:

  • getGenericInterfaces() method is used to get the array of interfaces implemented by the class with generic type information.
  • getInterfaces() method is used to get the array of all the implemented interfaces.


package com.w3spoint;
public interface Shape {
	public void drawShape(String color);

package com.w3spoint;
public class Rectangle implements Shape{
	private int defaultLength = 10;
	private int defaultWidth = 5;
	public void drawShape(String color) {
		System.out.println("Rectangle create with following properties: ");
		System.out.println("Length: " + defaultLength);
		System.out.println("Width: " + defaultWidth);

package com.w3spoint;
import java.util.Arrays;
public class ReflectionTest {
	public static void main(String args[]){
		try {
			Class c=Class.forName("com.w3spoint.Rectangle");  
		} catch (Exception e) {


[interface com.w3spoint.Shape]
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