10 amazing vegetarian recipes

Baked avocado - Try baking eggs inside avocado halves for a fantastic breakfast. Season with salt and pepper for a very nutritious start to your day.

Pastries - Try baking spinach and cheese in pastry for a great vegetarian appetizer. Or you could try another vegetarian variation on this.

Pizza - A classic Margarita pizza is vegetarian. Just tomatoes, cheese, and basil make the toppings.

Stuffed vegetables - For an easy, nutritious vegetarian dinner, why not try stuffing and baking vegetables with rice and cheese

Falafel - This healthy vegetarian Middle Eastern appetizer can be made into a full dinner by serving it with some tabbouleh and rice.

Arancini - These deep-fried Sicilian balls usually consist of rice and mozzarella, and are coated in breadcrumbs.

Potato salad - A classic vegetarian potato salad can be livened up by adding some slices of hard-boiled eggs to all the coleslaw and mayonnaise.

Risotto - Risotto is a very nutritious vegetarian option. Try making it yourself, and remember that a great risotto is never rushed.

Soup - There are so many different vegetarian ways to make soup. Try tomato, mushroom, leek and potato, or with a variety of vegetables.

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