30 foods that keep you full for longer

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Cheese: - Just like eggs, it's rich in protein, so it prolongs the feeling of fullness.

Eggs: - They're a source of protein, which means they are digested slowly and keep the body from getting hungry for longer.

Tofu: - Tofu has very few calories and helps to reduce hunger.

Carrots: - By having a firm texture, they demand that you chew, chew chew.

Pumpkin: - Pumpkin contains lots of fibers and very few calories, so it's ok to eat without the fear of getting hungry again soon.

Oats: - Oats usually expand in the stomach. During digestion, they produce a jelly-like substance.

Turkey breast: - Rich in protein, this meat also has a little fat which, during digestion.

Herbal tea: - Most teas calm the stomach. 

Wholegrain rice: - Unlike white rice, wholegrain comes with the hull intact, so it takes longer to digest.

Pineapple: - Rich in fibers, pineapple can keep the stomach occupied with digestion for longer.

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