30 great recipes with eggs

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Baked avocados: -Try baking eggs inside avocado halves. Season with salt and pepper for a very nutritious start to your day.

Chapati: -An egg stuffed chapati is a great combination. It is filling.

Kedgeree: -This classic British-Indian dish consists of fish (usually haddock), rice, peas, and hard-boiled eggs

Muffins: -Egg muffins are a great breakfast option. Try baking them with ham, red bell peppers, and spring onions.

Nests: -These can be easily made with ground meat, cheese, and eggs.

Stuffed eggs: -Try some smoked salmon, cheese, and dried onion as a great way to serve stuffed eggs. Perfect as an appetizer.

Scotch eggs: -This fantastic snack consists of a hard or soft boiled egg, which is then surrounded by sausagemeat and bread crumbs.

Baked eggs: -Spinach, cheese, potatoes, and eggs are a great to bake together.

Cazuela abuela: -This simple dish works very well. Diced potatoes, tomato, chorizo, and eggs go together in a great way.

Pie: -Eggs make a great topping for a baked pie. Fill with spinach and cheese for a great tasting combination.

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