5 Interesting Paintings at the National Gallery of Australia

Blue Poles, Number 11, 1952 (1952): Born in Cody, Wyoming, the youngest of five sons, Jackson Pollock’s childhood was disrupted by the family’s.

North-east View from the Northern Top of Mount Kosciuszko (1863): Australian landscape painting surged in the 1850s, as the gold rush attracted European artists to Australia.

Figure Supporting Back Legs” and “Interior with Black Rabbit: Arthur Boyd was one of Australia’s best-loved artists but hated to be described as such, preferring instead “painter” or “tradesman.

Monastery (1961): Born in Scotland, Ian Fairweather began to draw in earnest while he was a prisoner of war in World War I. 

White over Red on Blue (1971): As well as being a curator and deputy director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales for 16 years.

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