The best places to retire in 2022

Uruguay: Uruguay is a relatively small South American nation with a population of 3.5 million people.

Uruguay: The capital of Montevideo is home to 40% of the country population. 

Uruguay: There are numerous beautiful coastal towns and cities where someone looking for a quiet retirement by the sea may prefer to set themselves up.'

Spain: There are a lot of expats living in Spain, many of whom reside in cities, beach towns, and even mountainous regions.

Spain: A generally inexpensive country when avoiding areas full of tourists, Spain also has an amazing range of fruit and vegetables.

Spain: Traveling around by rail and bus is very inexpensive, and the country has an impressive healthcare system.

Malta: Malta is a tiny picturesque island nation in the Mediterranean, located close to Sicily, Greece, and Tunisia. 

Malta: Malta offers the typical Western European lifestyle with hints of influence from neighboring North Africa. 

Malta: Malta receives around 300 days of sun per year, with short mild winters.

France: If you are a fan of great culture, amazing food and wine, interesting history, and a good climate, France is definitely a great option.

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