6 Paintings Worth a Visit in Munich

Flight into Egypt (1609): Adam lived to the age of 32 and produced only a small body of work. 

Adoration of Christ (1445): The skill of Adoration of Christ is that it evokes a delicate charm without being cloyingly sentimental.

The Battle of Issus (1529): Albrecht Altdorfer depicted biblical and historical stories set in stirringly evoked Alpine and Danube landscapes. 

The Holy Family (1475/80): Martin Schongauer came from the Alsatian city of Colmar. 

Altarpiece of the Church Fathers: Little is known about Michael Pacher except that he was an accomplished sculptor as well as painter. 

Allegories of Music and Prudence: Hans Baldung adopted the nickname Grien, from the color green while working in Albrecht Dürer’s workshop in Nuremberg. 

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