7 Animals with Jobs

Military Dolphins: Considered highly intelligent, dolphins have been enlisted by the military to perform various tasks.

Ratting Out Land Mines: A three-foot rat would frighten most, but the Gambian pouched rat is much in demand as a land mine detector in Africa.

Dogs on the Job: Dogs’ impeccable sense of smell is well known, making canines ideal for locating bombs and drugs.

Canary in a Coal Mine: Coal mines have long been dangerous places. 

Horsing Around: Although dogs might be better known as guide animals, miniature horses are gaining popularity in this field. 

Monkey Business: For people with mobility impairments, especially ones due to spinal-cord injuries, monkeys can offer a helping hand. 

Chief Mouser: The British prime minister’s residence, 10 Downing Street, needs more than just security guards to keep it safe.

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