8 Incredible Swimming Feats

Lord Byron swims the Dardenelles: Greek myth says that Leander swam roughly three miles to cross the Dardenelles.

Duke Kahanamoku dominates the 100-meter freestyle: When the royally-named Hawaiian smashed the world record 100-yard freestyle in Honolulu Harbor in 1911.

Gertrude Ederle crosses the English Channel in record: By age twenty, Gertrude Ederle already had an admirable swimming resumé, having won a gold medal.

Dawn Fraser dominates the 100-meter freestyle: Australia produces more than its fair share of champion swimmers, but the all-time greatest might be Dawn Fraser.

Abdul Latif Abu Heif crosses Lake Michigan (1963): If you had walked past the Egyptian marathon swimmer Abu Heif on the street.

Mark Spitz goes seven-for-seven (1972): Mark Spitz had plenty of reasons to be confident when he arrived in Mexico City for the 1968 Olympics. 

Lynne Cox swims from the U.S. to Russia: In the summer of 1987 with the Cold War underway, marathon swimmer Lynne Cox decided to perform a peace gesture.

Michael Phelps goes eight-for-eight: You didn’t think we’d get through this list without mentioning the Baltimore Bullet.

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