8 Notable Buildings in Moscow

Narkomfin Communal House: The Narkomfin Communal House (Narkomfin Dom Kommuna) was designed by a team of architects.

Melnikov House: A blossoming of avant-garde architecture, art, and design took place in 1920s.

Rusakov House of Culture: As part of the new typologies emerging from postrevolutionary Russia.

Lenin Mausoleum: This small but monumental tomb holds the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin.

Tsentrosoyuz Building: Until Stalin turned against the avant-garde, the confidence of the Russian.

Moscow State University: In 1755, Moscow State University was founded in central Moscow by the scholar Mikhail Lomonosov.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior: In Moscow, a rather fundamental quality of the city’s architectural heritage is under attack.

All-Russia Exhibition Center: Joseph Stalin ordered the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition of 1939 as a celebration of Soviet economic.

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