A guide to talking about beer like a pro

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Pale ale: -If you've ever wondered about the difference between Indian pale ales and standard pale ales, look no further. 

Ale vs. lager: -All beers either fall into the category of an ale or a lager.

Spontaneous fermentation: -An exception, wild and sour ales go through spontaneous fermentation

Indian pale ale (IPA): -The hoppiest beer around, IPAs are generally high on the alcohol scale and very bitter. 

Ale fermentation: -Ale fermentation means that the yeast settles at the top. 

Dark lager: -A smooth lager, dark lager tends to have a malty and toasted flavor profile.

Brown ale: -While brown ales may look like dark lagers, they are distinct. 

Lager fermentation: -The yeast in lager fermentation settles at the bottom of the brew.

German bock: -Particularly malty, bocks generally have a sweeter flavor. They range in alcohol content.

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