A history of jewelry

The beginning: Eons ago, starting in 110,000 BCE, humans used shells as beads and amulets.

Thracian gold: Our beloved gold appeared around when humans invented the wheel and started domesticating animals in 4400 BCE.

Thracian gold: These little pieces of jewelry were found during the discovery of one of the largest excavations of Thracian treasure.

Mesopotamia: The Sumerian people, who dominated Mesopotamia, were avid jewelry wearers.

Mesopotamia: This delicate golden gazelle was either an earring or part of a diadem. 

Ancient Egypt: As you might guess from the hieroglyphs, this bead is from Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt: Craftsmen then discovered how to work with metals, and therefore started creating jewelry inspired by birds, scrolls.

Ancient Egypt: This novelty piece comes from the famous tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, from the 14th century BCE. 

Ancient Egypt: The Egyptians also started to make more intricate designs using gold.

Ancient Greece: Now we move on to Ancient Greece, where jewelry becomes even more intricate. 

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