A list stars who made it with no acting experience

Jennifer Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest Hollywood stars, so it's hard to imagine her not having a huge wealth of acting experience.

Jennifer Lawrence: When she was just 12, Lawrence was spotted by a talent agent.

Channing Tatum: Channing Tatum was originally going to be a college football star. 

Channing Tatum: After starring in a music video, Tatum got his first acting role in 'CSI: Miami.

Charlize Theron: Theron moved to Hollywood when she was just 18. 

Charlize Theron: Months later, the actress appeared in her first film, 'Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest.

Matthew McConaughey: Another one of Hollywood's biggest personalities didn't have much of an acting education.

Matthew McConaughey: After finishing college with no acting experience, McConaughey worked his way up through TV commercials. 

Evangeline Lilly: Evangeline Lilly was just strolling around British Columbia when she was spotted by a model agent.

Evangeline Lilly: The hard work paid off, and Lilly went on to score her first role in 'Smallville.

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