A short history of nursing

Roman healthcare, 300 CE: Healthcare and nursing, in some form or another, have been around since the beginning of civilization.

A hospital in every town: A central tenet of early Christianity was something called "practical charity.

Byzantine hypourgoi: After the split of the Roman Empire, the eastern Byzantine Empire continued to put more.

Nursing in the Middle Ages: The spread of Catholicism throughout Europe developed in tandem with the spread of hospitals and nursing.

Catholic nuns and nurses: During the Middle Ages, almost every nurse was a nun, but not all nuns were nurses. 

Masona and the advent of universal nursing: For centuries, the link between Christianity and healthcare meant that only Christians received healthcare. 

Charlemagne and the revival of nursing: At the turn of the 9th century, Emperor Charlemagne the Great united Western and Central Europe for the first time since the Fall of Rome. 

Charlemagne and the revival of nursing: Not only did Charlemagne restore preexisting hospitals and breathe new life into the nursing profession.

A hospital for every church: To make things simpler, Charlemagne ordered that every church, cathedral.

Norman charitable houses: Europe saw centuries of efficiently operated hospitals that catered to all the needs of the public.

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