A short history of social work

What exactly is social work: Social work is a vast collection of professions and specialties that work to locate.

The many faces of social work: The problems and situations that social workers try to ameliorate are innumerable.

Criminal justice case workers: Social workers in the world of criminal justice help individuals within the justice system.

Mental health services: Mental health services are one of the most common specialties of social work. 

Substance abuse counseling: Substance abuse counselors help individuals struggling with addiction on their path.

Family advocacy: Family advocates are primarily involved with helping children and families take full advantage of family care.

Direct care: Direct care workers are assigned to individuals who are unable to live independently. 

Child welfare: Child welfare workers are expressly concerned with the well-being of youth in at-risk situations.

Crisis counseling: Crisis counselors usually have relatively brief relationships with their clients.

The origins of social work: There are many ways to determine the origins of social work.

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