Abandoned stadiums of the world

The Astrodome - USA -
Nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world, the stadium in Houston was considered an imposing building when it was founded in 1965.

Arena Amazônia - Brazil -
The stadium closes occasionally to decrease the monthly financial loss, a problem caused by the low number of matches scheduled there.

Arena Pantanal - Brazil - The stadium is run by the Government of Mato Grosso, which claims to have no way to cover its monthly expenses of over US$200 thousand.

Olympic Softball Stadium - Greece - The softball field is also abandoned. If the extravagance of the Olympics was a source of pride for the Greeks at the time, it is now remembered with anger.

Za Luzankami - Czech Republic -
Considered legendary in the country, the stadium was built between 1949 and 1953.

Estádio Mané Garrincha - Brazil -
The secretary of Tourism of Brasilia has denied the white elephant label commonly applied to the stadium, which hosts few football matches.

Luis Sitjar - Spain -
A well-known example of decay is the stadium of Majorca, inaugurated in 1945 and former home of the club RCD Mallorca.

Olympic Park - Brazil - The arenas of the complex suffer from lack of care and look abandoned. The City of Rio de Janeiro is trying to get private initiatives to take over the stadium.

Pontiac Silverdome -United States -
Inaugurated in 1975, the space was the home of the Detroit Lions football team until 2001, when the team moved to the Ford Field stadium.

Olympic Canoe - Greece - The 2004 Athens Olympics left monumental buildings, but now they are decaying. Example: the Olympic Canoe.

Faliro Olympic Beach Volleyball Centre - Greece - The arena has also been forgotten and is occasionally used for non-sporting events, including weddings.

Old National Stadium - Singapore -
Opened in 1973, the stadium was one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city-state. 

Metropolitan Stadium - USA -
Founded in 1956, the baseball and football stadium was home to the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins. 

Beach Volleyball Stadium - China - The beach volleyball stadium, built especially for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, remains abandoned and without maintenance.

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