Abandoned stadiums of the world

The Astrodome USA: Nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world, the stadium in Houston was considered an imposing building when it was founded in 1965.

The Astrodome USA: It was the scene of the first indoor baseball game and singer Judy Garland's show.

Arena Amazônia Brazil: After the 2014 World Cup, some stadiums in Brazil were left empty.

Arena Amazônia Brazil: The stadium closes occasionally to decrease the monthly financial loss.

Arena Pantanal Brazil: Managers in Mato Grosso struggle to find a private initiative or an action by the government and the Brazilian Football.

Arena Pantanal Brazil: The stadium is run by the Government of Mato Grosso.

Olympic Softball Stadium Greece: The softball field is also abandoned.

Za Luzankami: Czech Republic: Considered legendary in the country, the stadium was built between 1949 and 1953.

Za Luzankami Czech Republic: In its glory days, the arena attracted 30,000 spectators per game.

Estádio Mané Garrincha Brasília: To compensate for the high monthly expenses, the arena has become the address of three state.

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