All about selective mutism symptoms, causes

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Common reaction: -In many cases of selective mutism, the sufferer will learn to recognize situations in which they freeze.

The freeze response: -Rather, a freeze response is triggered in them with feelings of panic.

`Symptoms: -The main symptom of selective mutism is a marked contrast in the way a child interacts with different people.

Statistics: -We are still learning about selective mutism, and in fact it is more common than you might think.

Early beginnings: -Selective mutism normally develops during childhood, and in certain cases it can continue into adulthood.

Affected groups: -It is also more common in people who are learning a second language.

The onset: -The onset of selective mutism normally happens between the ages of two and four. 

Introducing selective mutism: -Selective mutism is a severe anxiety disorder that renders a person unable to speak.

Common misconception: -It is important to recognize that a person who suffers from selective mutism does not simple.

Not mute all the time: -However, a person with selective mutism is able to converse normally in other situations where they feel comfortable.

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