About Serbia

Uvac Canyon -
Serbia counts the jaw-dropping Uvac Canyon as its standout natural wonder.

Avala Tower -
The 204-m (672-ft) tall Avala telecommunications tower is set on Mount Avala, 16 km (10 mi) from the city center.

Synagogue, Subotica -
Make sure to visit Subotica, a city unique in Serbia for its Art Nouveau heritage.

Zlatibor -
Zlatibor is a favorite year-round tourist resort. In summer, its wooded undulating mountains attract hikers.

Novi Dvor -
Completed in 1922, Novi Dvor (New Palace) serves as the seat of the President of Serbia.

Nikola Tesla Museum -
One of Belgrade's best museums is dedicated to the life and work of Nikola Tesla.

Museum of Contemporary Art -
A top cultural draw, Belgrade's Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 1958.

Church of Saint Sava interior -
Also known as the Temple of Saint Sava, this is the Balkans' biggest (and the world's second biggest) Orthodox church.

Gallery of Matica Srpska - Novi Sad is Serbia's second-largest city. Your first stop in Novi Sad should be Matica Srpska.

Every year, Novi Sad hosts one of the biggest summer music festivals in Europe: EXIT.

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with a history spanning 7,000 years or so.

Mileseva Monastery, Prijepolje -
Founded by King Stefan Vladislav I in 1234, Mileseva Monastery is endowed with some truly remarkable frescoes. 

Gardos Tower -
Standing since 1896, the brick-built Gardos Tower houses.

Tara National Park -
Tara National Park is named for Tara Mountain, which summits at 1,590 m (5,220 ft) above sea level.

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