All you need to know about Down syndrome

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Hereditary?: - The syndrome is caused by a genetic mutation that occurs during the gestation period, but according to the National Down.

Features: - A child born with Down syndrome has some particular physical features.

Cognitive influence: - The syndrome can cause some cognitive changes or difficulties, but it's not a mental disability, as some people think.

Chromosome 21: - Instead of two chromosomes, the mutation results in a third copy of chromosome 21 being created.

Communication: - Some children who are born with the syndrome have difficulties in learning.

Mutation: - Therefore, people with Down syndrome are born with an extra chromosome, totaling 47 instead of 46.

Statistics: - According to the National Down Syndrome Society, one in every 700 babies in the United States are born with the syndrome.

Parents: - The aforementioned study indicates that there is no scientific evidence that environmental factors or activities performed by the parents.

Mother's age: - The National Down Syndrome Society points out that women who become pregnant at an older age are more likely to have babies with Down syndrome.

What is Down syndrome?: - Down syndrome is also known as trisomy 21 because it's caused by a mutation of the chromosome 21.

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