Alleys around the world with fascinating backstories

Quadrophenia Alley: This dingy alleyway between two clothing stores in Brighton became the setting of a historical showdown in 1964. 

Quadrophenia Alley: Quadrophenia Alley was a central location of the drama and was used as an escape route from the police.

Ryman Alley: Nashville is the epicenter of country music in the US, and the Ryman Auditorium and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge are two of its most historic venues.

Ryman Alley: Willie Nelson apparently walked that way so many times that he knew exactly how many steps there are between the two venues.

Ryman Alley: In the 1950s, two young aspiring musicians used to play their guitars and sing in the alley every night.

Wooden Alley: The city of Chicago began to pave its streets with wood around 1850.

Wooden Alley: Wooden Alley in the city’s north is the only remaining example of a woodblock street.

Carreró de les Bruixes: Carreró de les Bruixes is found in the medieval walled town of Cervera, in Catalonia, Spain.

Carreró de les Bruixes: There are symbols indicating the alley’s magic history scattered throughout, from moons to tarot cards. 

Ross Alley: San Francisco’s Ross Alley is the oldest in the city. 

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