Are you guilty of these annoying restaurant habits

Skipping the greeting: People in the restaurant industry are often treated like robots who only take orders.

Not realizing or caring that servers are carrying hot plates: When the plates arrive at the table, there’s always someone not paying attention.

Campers: Campers are what restaurant workers call customers who pay the bill but stick around for a long time chatting.

Letting kids wreak havoc: Restaurants are actually not daycare, and kids can’t just run around the restaurant ripping open sugar packets and wreaking havoc.

Saying “surprise me”: If you can’t do the bare minimum of ordering for yourself, don’t be upset if you get something expensive that you don’t like.

Last-minute diners: You’ll probably be able to hear the groans from the back if you enter a restaurant when it’s close to closing time.

Assuming the server remembers you: This is especially true if you expect them to remember your order. We’re all the main character in our stories.

Complaining about paying for extra ingredients: Servers do not make the rules, they just have to be the smiling face that accepts the brunt of them.

Snapping or whistling at servers: They’re not animals, and it’s so incredibly rude to snap or whistle at servers that it’s hard to believe it still happens.

Ordering all toppings and then complaining: If you weren’t careful enough to ask for something to be left out, and if you didn’t pay attention when the staff listed all the toppings.

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