Are you fond of fondue

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Gruyère cheese fondue: Gruyère's sweet but slightly salty taste matures with age. Insist on a year-old Gruyère for a simple, standalone fondue.

Beer cheese fondue: This cozy melting pot beer fondue is made using any flavorful, good quality melting cheese and a low-bitterness beer.

Meat fondue: Meat fondue, also known as fondue bourguignonne, makes a funky main meal. Use beef tenderloin or rump steak.

Irish cheddar and stout fondue: How rich and filling is this? Mature Irish cheddar combined with a good stout, Guinness perhaps, or Murphy's. 

Dark chocolate fondue: The classic dessert fondue, this option is made using dark chocolate. 

Pumpkin fondue: Not any old pumpkin fondue, but soft warm Gruyère cheese served in a roasted hollowed out pumpkin accompanied with toasted baguette

Porcini fondue: Dried porcini mushrooms and grated Gruyère cheese are the two principal ingredients of this rich and tasty fondue. 

Gruyère and cider fondue: Hard apple cider, cider vinegar, or Calvados (apple brandy) give this great version an inspired makeover. 

Gourmet Swiss fondue: The Swiss offer up a number of fondue recipes, each depending on the region of origin. 

Spinach and artichoke cheese fondue: Gruyère cheese, cream cheese, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, apples, garlic, and white wine sounds like quite a mess.

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