Award show rules celebs must follow

Stay in your lane -
The red carpet is essentially divided into two lanes, according to ABC. One lane is for major A-listers, and the other is for, well, everyone else. 

Dress code for men -
The Academy Awards originally had a white-tie dress code in which men "must wear a tailcoat with a white bow tie and wingtip collar." 

Very short break time -
In the comfort of our homes we can run to the bathroom easily during commercials, but it's not so simple for celebrities.

No empty seats -
Seat fillers are not allowed to wear bright colors or anything that might outshine a celebrity, thus their outfits are often also preapproved. 

Bringing snacks and drinks is forbidden - Some award shows last for around three hours, not including the red carpet, and while the Golden Globes offer dinner, the Academy Awards do not.

Grammy performers can't drink -
There is no tolerance for drinking at or before the show when it comes to performers at the Grammys. 

No lip-syncing at the Grammys -
Some of the biggest artists have been caught lip-syncing but chalk it up to necessity because they were sick or there were technical issues. 

Speeches shouldn't exceed 45 seconds - In 2010, the Oscar acceptance speech time limit was reduced to 45 seconds, though it was bumped up to 90 seconds in 2019.

No swearing -
Stars aren't allowed to swear or use foul language on stage, though it still occasionally happens in the rush of emotions, and there are people to bleep it out.

Must pay taxes on gift bags -
The IRS has deemed them taxable because they're not actually “gifts” but rather intended to influence celebrities to use certain products and services. 

Must pay taxes on gift bags -
According to CNBC, the Oscars actually stopped giving out gift bags to presenters and performers in 2006 due to the IRS scrutiny.

After-party precision -  According to entertainment reporter Angela Bishop who spoke to KIIS 106.5, per Nicki Swift, every celeb has a strict arrival time that they must follow. 

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