Backup singers who became famous

John Legend - Legend's friendship with Kanye West led him to do backing vocals and piano for tracks sung by Alicia Keys and rapper Talib Kweli.

Jennifer Lopez -
Lopez is first and foremost a dancer. She first did some backup singing and dancing for Janet

Madonna -
Before she was a singer, Madonna was actually a backup dancer.

Cher -
You would never guess this leading lady would have ever done backing vocals, but everyone has to start somewhere. 

Mariah Carey -
Mariah Carey started out singing for R&B artist Brenda K. Starr. 

Sheryl Crow -
Crow sang with Michael Jackson on his Bad tour in the 1980s. She was on stage singing 'Dirty Diana' with him and also appeared in the corresponding music video.

Michael McDonald -
McDonald, who later became the lead singer for the band the Doobie Brothers, began his career working for other artists. 

Dido -
The singer of the hits 'White Flag' and 'Thank You' started off at the back of a band. Her brother led the group Faithless, in which her voice features.

Gwen Stefani -
Gwen Stefani was originally a backing vocalist in her brother's band No Doubt. When lead singer John Spence committed s uicide in 1987

Dave Grohl -
Don't forget that before becoming the lead singer of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl was the drummer and backing vocalist for Nirvana!

Keri Hilson -
The beautiful Keri Hilson was a songwriter and singer from a young age. Her experience as a teen in the industry connected her with artists such as Mary J. Blige and Usher. 

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Anthony Hamilton -
Known for his hit 'Charlene,' Hamilton was a backing singer for D'Angelo on his 2000 tour.

Sting -
Sting has sung on multiple albums, but less out of necessity and more from artistic experimentation.

Katy Perry -
You may not believe that Katy Perry started out as a backup singer for a Christian metal band called P.O.D (Payable on Death).