Bad hygiene habits you didn’t know you had

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Keeping your toothbrush near the toilet: -If your toothbrush is located near the toilet, then you're putting yourself at risk of some cross.

You sleep with your contact lenses: -Sleeping with your contact lenses can cause eye irritation. 

Inadequate tooth brushing: -It's easy to be sloppy when it comes to brushing your teeth, especially early in the morning.

You're using Q-tips: -Cleaning out excess earwax may seem like a good idea, but it often does more harm than good. 

Never washing your hair: -Neglecting to wash your hair is really bad, too. Not only will the scalp start to smell.

Not washing your hands often: -Washing our hands is important to keep us healthy and to reduce the spread of illness.

You're washing your hair every day: -Your scalp produces natural oils that are important to healthy and shiny hair.

Not caring properly for eyelash extensions: -Eyelash extensions can be bad news if you don't care for them properly. 

You're using your phone on the toilet: -It can be tempting to take your phone to the toilet and scroll on social media.

You're sharing your razor: -Sharing razors is a terrible idea, as it can spread skin infections like staph..

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