Bands who reunited for better or worse

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The Fugees: -The Fugees were one of the biggest hip-hop influences of the 1990s.

ABBA: -Is there any band more iconic, beloved, or ridiculous than ABBA.

My Chemical Romance: -My Chemical Romance announced their decision to break up in 2013, to the devastation of moody nineties kids everywhere. 

OutKast: - Big Boi and André 3000 parted ways in 2006 after producing a soundtrack for the musical film.

Jonas Brothers: -Though the JoBros all went off to do their separate things, 2019 marked the return of this band of brothers.

The Pussycat Dolls: -Remember when The Pussycat Dolls were all the rage before going on hiatus in 2010.

Queen: - Contrary to 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' in 1983 the band was just burned out from being on the road for a decade.

Spice Girls: - It all began in 1998 when Geri Halliwell, or Ginger Spice.

Blink-182: - The band had previously decided to take a break in 2005 when Tom DeLonge quit.

One Direction: -Can you hear the screams of boy band fans growing in the distance.

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