Best Documentaries of 2018

Heading 1

Hale County, This Morning, This Evening: Working as a coach for a youth basketball league in Hale County, Alabama, filmmaker RaMell Ross brought.

Bisbee: On July 12th, 1917, the residents of Bisbee, Arizona (“the Queen of the Copper Camps”) rounded up dozens of miners.

Hal: He was a pot-smoking, rabble-rousing, hippie-ish man with a bad attitude towards authority and biblical prophet’s beard — and his name.

Monrovia, Indiana: Welcome to Small Town, USA, where God and guns reign supreme. Frederick Wiseman’s 45th (!) film takes us to Trump Country and, in its own weird.

Shirkers: Once upon a time, Sandi Tan made a movie — and through a series of betrayals, manipulative head games and inexplicable power moves.

Minding the Gap: Bing Liu was just another skateboarding kid in Rockford, Illinois, schlepping his camera along to parks and house parties to film his buddies.

Amazing Grace: It only took 46 years to see it, but this legendary concert film chronicling Aretha Franklin’s two-night stand at the New Temple.

McQueen: Chubby child prodigy, up-and-coming Saville Row-style tailor, haute couture’s agent provocateur.

Three Identical Strangers: A man meets another man who looks just like him — they’re long-lost twins! Then after the two get their faces in the paper.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor: It was the runaway success story of 2018, and part of an extraordinary one-two punch from filmmaker Morgan Neville.

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