Best solo travel destinations in Europe

Lisbon, Portugal: Lisbon is an affordable capital that has city life, sea, and sunshine all in one place.

Lisbon, Portugal: The gorgeous seaside capital has a growing start-up culture, filling the city with young professionals from around the world.

Seville, Spain: The Andalusian city of Seville has an incredible blend of modern, Moorish, Jewish, and Spanish architecture and culture.

Seville, SpainIt : is also the city where tapas culture was born.

Bologna, Italy: This Italian city stands out for its food and people.

Bologna, Italy: The city is also home to the University of Bologna, one of the most famous institutions in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary: The city of Budapest is divided into Buda and Pest, with the Danube river running between them.

Budapest, Hungary: The Hungarian capital has an impressive transport network that will take you from one side to the other.

Vienna, Austria: Known as the "City of Music", Vienna is a city where you can feel the arts all around you.

Vienna, Austria: Aside from impressive monuments, architecture, and opera house, the city is also home to quintessential coffee houses and boutique shops.

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