Celebrities reveal the terrible truth child stardom

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Bella Thorne: Bella Thorne's origin story is similar to that of Selena Gomez, and she was similarly exploited from a young age. 

Britney Spears: Through the highly publicized dismantling of her conservatorship.

Drew Barrymore: Drew Barrymore grew up in a showbiz family and had a notoriously troubled childhood.

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus grew up in a famous family as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Drew Barrymore: By the age of 12 she was addicted to drugs, and by 13 she was institutionalized.

Britney Spears: The sexy schoolgirl look she wears in the video epitomizes the aesthetic .

Miley Cyrus: Cyrus says that she lived under immense pressure and developed body dysmorphia from being in full costume so often as a child.

Macaulay Culkin: Macaulay Culkin was Hollywood's favorite child actor of the '90s, starring in classics.

Bella Thorne: When she was 14 years old and starring in the Disney show 'Shake It Up' opposite Zen.

Selena Gomez: Selena Gomez got her big break on the show 'Barney & Friends' when she was just 10 years old.

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