Celebrities who have been body shamed

Beanie Feldstein -
'Lady Bird' and 'Booksmart' star Beanie Feldstein opened up to Vogue about her struggle to meet society's beauty standards from a very young age. 

Alicia Silverstone -
'Clueless' star Alicia Silverstone has been in the spotlight for decades and is no stranger to body shaming. 

Melanie Lynskey -
Actress Melanie Lynskey said in an interview with Rolling Stone, published on January 15, that she was body shamed on the set of 'Yellowjackets.' 

Billie Eilish -
Billie Eilish is one young star whose body has, for some reason, become an obsession for millions of fans and media outlets.

Camila Cabello - Camila Cabello has recently been fending off body shamers, and she took to TikTok to share a much needed lesson on self-love. 

Beyoncé - Even Queen Bey is at risk of body shaming. The singer was fat-shamed on Twitter by trolls.

Beyoncé - Even Queen Bey is at risk of body shaming. The singer was fat-shamed on Twitter by trolls.

Jason Momoa - After being spotted on vacation, the actor was body-shamed for not keeping the top form he had on 'Aquaman.'

Lady Gaga - Gaga was body-shamed after her Super Bowl performance in 2017. She took to Instagram to clapback at haters.

Leonardo DiCaprio - In 2014, the Hollywood star was body-shamed for his "dad bod" after being spotted on vacation with his top off.

Jennifer Lopez - When she started her career as a dancer, JLo was told to lose weight and that she needed to look thinner.

Kim Kardashian -
Kim Kardashian has been body-shamed many times, including for her post-pregnancy weight. But she has said how proud she is of her body.

Vin Diesel - In 2015, the actor was spotted on a balcony with his top off, and his distended stomach sparked all sorts of negative comments online.

Selena Gomez - The star has commented about body shaming on Instagram.

Kate Winslet - The British actress has opened up about being body-shamed during auditions.

Gigi Hadid - The model has been criticized for her weight fluctuation. Hadid suffers from Hashimoto’s disease, which affects her weight.

Tyra Banks - After being body-shamed by a tabloid, Banks clapped back on her TV show.

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