Celebrities who've had vasectomies

Dax Shepard -
Dax Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, have two kids together, and that's enough for them!

Dr. Phil -
Dr. Phil was 29 when he had the procedure done. His wife was then pregnant with their first child.

Steve-O -
In 2022, Steve-O revealed that he got a vasectomy four years prior. 

Elton John -
Married to a man, it's surprising that Elton John went for a vasectomy.

Ronan Keating -
Irish singer Ronan Keating has five children, and after the latest addition in 2020, his wife pushed him to get the snip.

Nikki Sixx -
The Mötley Crüe bassist, and dad of four at the time, had his procedure after his divorce from his second wife.

Ozzy Osbourne -
After having six kids, the rocker decided he didn't want any more in 198

Arie Luyendyk Jr. -
In 2021, the 'Bachelor' star and his wife Lauren welcomed twins, with a toddler daughter already at home.

Rob Delaney -
Comedian and actor Rob Delaney wrote an essay for The Guardian all about his vasectomy. 

Jon Gosselin -
After a set of twins and one set of sextuplets, the reality star decided that eight kids was quite enough for him back in 2014.

Brandon Blackstock -
Brandon Blackstock has four kids, including two with his ex-wife Kelly Clarkson. She was the one who convinced him to get the procedure done.

Tyler Hubbard -
The Florida Georgia Line musician got a vasectomy after the birth of his third child in 2020. 

Slim Thug -
Rapper Slim Thug got a vasectomy back in 2013 after deciding that three kids was enough for him.

Evan Bass -
The 'Bachelor in Paradise' star has five kids, including two with his now ex-wife Carly Waddell. Bass got a vasectomy after the birth of his fifth.

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