Celebs caught lying on social media

Kim Kardashian -
Of course, in 2021 that might be possible, but in 2015 Kardashian's daughter North was just a toddler. Fans were suspicious to say the least...

Rita Ora -
She posted the follow up tweet, "By the way my Twitter got hacked somebody is threatening to release new music I've worked really hard on." Fans weren't so sure...

Lindsay Lohan -
Only problem was, the photo was clearly photoshopped. Fans were quick to call out the actress for what was a clear attempt to alter her waistline.

Khloé Kardashian -
It was TMZ who ratted her out: they worked out that the pies had been supplied by the Sweet Lady Jane bakery in LA, and that Kardashian had staged the whole thing.

Justin Bieber -
Again it was TMZ that exposed the singer: their investigation revealed that Bieber had only rented the jet and it was in effect a "really expensive uber."

Kylie Jenner -
One eagle-eyed follower called Jenner out, reposting one of her Instagram pics from 2013, which showed a bowl of cereal with milk that was quite obviously hers.

Oprah -
Unfortunately, Twitter was one step ahead on this one and exposed the false advertising with its tag "via Twitter for iPad."

Kris Jenner -
The original momager worked on the book with Gordon Ramsay, and when it came to the photoshoot not only did she Photoshop herself, she also did a serious job on Ramsay.

Bow Wow -
In fact, Bow Wow caught a commercial flight to NYC. He was spotted by a passenger on the same flight, who snapped him and posted the picture on Twitter.

Donald Trump -
Of course, that was just not true, and Trump was called out all over the place by talk show hosts, news publications, comedians, and Twitter users.

Roseanne Barr -
In 2018, Roseanne got in trouble for posting racist tweets about Democrat Valerie Jarrett. She was quickly fired from ABC over the incident.

Bella Thorne -
In 2016, Bella Thorne posted a selfie to Instagram in which she was wearing a fur coat. When fans were outraged, she assured them it was faux fur.

Soulja Boy -
The post was subsequently deleted and the 'Crank That' artist has claimed that the fake bills were for a music video and that he knew they weren't real.

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