celebrity facts you won't believe are true

Charlie Sheen - Not only he believes in the Loch Ness Monster, he supposedly came close to catching it, using a leg of lamb and a hook!

Rob Lowe - The actor claims to have encountered Bigfoot.

Lucy Liu - The actress apparently made love to a spirit.

Madonna - Madonna's first job was working as a waitress. She was let go for "squirting the donut jelly all over the customers."

Mariah Carey - Apparently sleeping up to 15 hours in a room full of dehumidifiers is part of the singer's pre-concert routine.

Megan Fox - Apparently her thumbs are incredibly similar to her toes. Fox also believes in leprechauns.

Natalie Portman - The talented actress has published two scientific articles.

Michelle Pfeiffer - The actress was in a cult that believed that people didn't need food or water to survive, just air and the sun.

Angelina Jolie - Angelina Jolie attended Beverly Hills High School, which served as the inspiration for 'Beverly Hills 90210' (1990-2000).

Anne Hathaway - The actress is named after William Shakespeare's wife.

Bill Murray - When he was 20, the actor and comedian was held up at Chicago airport for trying to travel with five kilos of cannabis.

Christian Bale - Bale took inspiration from Tom Cruise when it came to his role as Patrick Bateman in 'American Psycho' (2000)

Damian Lewis - Before he rose to fame, the British actor worked in telemarketing and sold car alarms.

Demi Moore - The actress that became a household name after her role in the film 'Ghost' (1990) has another hobby: collecting dolls. 

Emma Stone - The star-to-be used a PowerPoint presentation to try and convince her family that she was going to become an actress. 

Jennifer Lawrence - For her role in 'Winter's Bone' (2010), the actress had to learn how to skin a squirrel.

Jennifer Garner - The actress had a very rigid and conservative upbringing. Until the age of 16, Garner was not allowed to use makeup or wear a bikini.

Selena Gomez - Her favorite part of the pizza is the crust!

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