Celebs reveal their struggles with acne

Meghan Markle - The Duchess of Sussex swears by tea tree oil. According to Markle, it can be useful to treat a number of things; from mosquito bites, to breakouts.

Justin Bieber - About his acne, the singer shared an Instagram story with a selfie and the caption "Pimples are in."

Kendall Jenner - Kendall had a tough time dealing with acne. She said she wouldn't look people in the eye and that it killed her self-esteem.

Demi Lovato - The singer has no problems in admitting she has acne. She posted an Instagram story, not wearing any makeup and with the caption "Can you spot the acne dot?"

Ethan Dolan - One of the Dolan twins took to Twitter to reveal his treatment for acne. Cutting dairy seemed to have done the trick for him.

Miley Cyrus - The singer confessed that she had really bad skin growing up. She stressed how important it is to wash up her face every day.

Rihanna - Whenever Riri has a breakout, she stops drinking alcohol and increases water intake. She swears by lipstick, to draw attention away from her "flaws."

Selena Gomez - Gomez confessed that holding the microphone close to her chin makes it worse. She says she puts a mask on and uses a humidifier after the show.

Katy Perry - The singer told Elle Australia how self-conscious she is about her acne scars and that sometimes she wears too much makeup to cover them up.

Keira Knightley - The actress joked about her skin problems. She said: "I always get acne so it's incredibly nice when they take it out digitally. 

Daisy Ridley - The English actress suffers from endometriosis and has polycystic ovaries, which cause skin problems.

Karlie Kloss - Yes, even supermodels get acne. And they also struggle to avoid popping their zits.

Megan Fox - The stunning actress has not openly addressed her struggle with acne, but a number of pictures have shown that she suffers from it.

Nina Dobrev - The actress also has to deal with acne. She confessed that she had even accidentally walked out of the house wearing zit cream.

Ashley Benson - The 'Pretty Little Liars' star shared a photo on Instagram wearing zit cream.

Naya Rivera - It was not until she was 24 that the 'Glee' star had an acne breakout. She dealt with her adult acne using Proactiv.

Lili Reinhart - The actress has been struggling with cystic acne since she was 12.

Belle Lucia - The model posted a photo on Instagram showing how bad her acne was and how much it affected her life.

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