Celebs who have a gambling problem

Ray Romano -
Comedian and actor Ray Romano gave an interview in 2011, before the World Series of Poker, in which he admitted to a betting problem.

Nelly -
In 2011 Nelly's former manager, Slim, blasted the rapper in the media, claiming that he had lost all his money to gambling and that he was abusing drugs.

Pamela Anderson -
In 2007 Pamela Anderson gave viewers of the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' an insight into her relationship with poker.

Allen Iverson -
Allen Iverson is another former professional basketball player who appears to have a bit of a problem with gambling.

Michael Phelps -
In 2012 there were rumors that decorated Olympian Michael Phelps had a problem with gambling.

Matt Damon -
He also starred across from Edward Norton in what is now considered one of the best poker movies of all time: 'Rounders' (1998).

Tobey Maguire -
Whether Tobey Maguire's penchant for poker can be described as a problem is up for debate, but we do know he is partial to a high stakes game.

Gladys Knight -
In the late 1980s, following a particularly bad loss, Knight joined Gamblers Anonymous and managed to kick the 

Shannon Elizabeth -
The actress found a huge amount of success as a poker player and has been described as "one of the leading celebrity poker players."

Michael Jordan -
Indeed, MJ had been seen out gambling and in 2005 he told Ed Bradley of '60 Minutes' that he had made some reckless decisions.

Phil Mickelson -
Pro golfer Phil Mickelson is known for a number of things, not least for being a title-winning golfer with a left-handed swing.

Tiger Woods -
Tiger Woods joins Phil Mickelson in the ranks of pro golfers rumored to have a gambling problem. 

Charlie Sheen -
When Charlie Sheen and ex-wife Denise Richards were in the middle of their divorce, she gave a sworn statement in which she referred to Sheen's gambling problem. 

Ben Affleck -
Actor Ben Affleck has been known to gamble professionally, even qualifying for the 2004 World Poker Tour final tournament. 

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